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Shell shape influence on latent heat thermal energy storage performance during melting and solidification / Jerzy WOŁOSZYN, Krystian SZOPA // Energies [Dokument elektroniczny]. — Czasopismo elektroniczne ; ISSN 1996-1073. — 2023 — vol. 16 iss. 23 art. no. 7822, s. 1–26. — Wymagania systemowe: Adobe Reader. — Bibliogr. s. 24–26, Abstr. — Publikacja dostępna online od: 2023-11-28

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CFDshell and tubeLHTESphase change materialthermal energy storage

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ID BaDAP150490
Data dodania do BaDAP2023-12-02
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Rok publikacji2023
Typ publikacjiartykuł w czasopiśmie
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Phase-change materials have various applications across industries from thermal energy storage through automotive battery temperature management systems to thermal stabilisation. Many of these applications are shell and tube structures with different shell shapes. However, it is not yet known how the shape of the shell affects the melting, solidification times, and heat transport processes in such structures. To fill this research gap, seventeen shell shapes/orientations were compared using a simulation study. The well-known and validated enthalpy porosity algorithm implemented in the Fluent 2021R2 software was used. The numerical calculations were preceded by the measurement of thermal conductivity, phase change enthalpy, and specific heat during melting and solidification of the phase-change material. The shortest melting time was achieved for a semi-circular shell shape in the downward position, which was 44% shorter than the reference circular case. The shortest solidification times were recorded for an isosceles trapezium in an upward orientation relative to the reference circular case. Therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce the melting time in shell-and-tube systems as a result of the appropriate selection of the shell shape.

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