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A new version of the on-line adaptive non-standard identification procedure for continuous-time MISO physical processes / Witold BYRSKI, Michał DRAPAŁA // W: Intelligent and Safe Computer Systems in Control and Diagnostics / ed. Zdzisław Kowalczuk. — Cham : Springer Nature Switzerland AG, cop. 2023. — (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems ; ISSN 2367-3370 ; vol. 545). — Publikacja zawiera wybrane referaty z konferencji 15th International Conference on Diagnostics of Processes and Systems (DPS) : Chmielno, September 5–7, 2022. — ISBN: 978-3-031-16158-2; e-ISBN: 978-3-031-16159-9. — S. 423–436. — Bibliogr. s. 435–436, Abstr.

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AGHByrski WitoldAGHDrapała Michał

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glass forehearthadaptive identificationexact state observersmodulating functions method

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ID BaDAP142953
Rok publikacji2023
Typ publikacjifragment monografii pokonferencyjnej
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Czasopismo/seriaLecture Notes in Networks and Systems


Modern diagnostics and control algorithms rely on physical processes models. Such models have often complicated structure and their synthesis is usually difficult. The approaches based on Partial Differential Equations (PDE) work well for simulation purposes, however their usefulness can be limited in case of industrial applications when a full set of processes data is often inaccessible. The aforementioned problem was the main motivation to propose an adaptive identification method available to work on-line based on processes data. It is based on the Modulating Functions Method (MFM) and utilizes the Exact State Observers. The method was applied for real processes data collected from the industrial glass conditioning installation. The experimental results are presented and discussed in the paper. © 2023, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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