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Thermal characterization of a gas foil bearing - a novel method of experimental identification of the temperature field based on integrated thermocouples measurements / Adam MARTOWICZ, Paweł ZDZIEBKO, Jakub ROEMER, Grzegorz Żywica, Paweł Bagiński // Sensors [Dokument elektroniczny]. — Czasopismo elektroniczne ; ISSN 1424-8220. — 2022 — vol. 22 iss. 15 art. no. 5718, s. 1–22. — Wymagania systemowe: Adobe Reader. — Bibliogr. s. 21–22, Abstr. — Publikacja dostępna online od: 2022-07-30. — J. Roemer - dod. afiliacja: Oslo Met-Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

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AGHMartowicz AdamAGHZdziebko PawełAGHRoemer Jakub JanŻywica GrzegorzBagiński Paweł

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thermal characterizationgas foil bearingtemperature fieldthermocouplerotor dynamicsturbomachinery

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ID BaDAP141467
Tekst źródłowyURL
Rok publikacji2022
Typ publikacjiartykuł w czasopiśmie
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Maintenance of adequate thermal properties is critical for correct operation of a gas foil bearing. In this work, the authors present the results of the experimentally conducted thermal characterization of a prototype installation of the bearing. A novel method of temperature identification, based on integrated thermocouples readings, has been employed to determine the thermal properties of the specialized sensing top foil mounted in the tested bearing. Two measurement campaigns have been subsequently completed, applying freely-suspended and two-node support configurations, to gather complementary knowledge regarding the bearing’s operation. Apart from the rotational speed and temperature field measurements, the authors have also studied the friction torque and the shaft’s journal trajectories based on its radial displacements. The temporal courses for the above-mentioned quantities have enabled inference on the effects present during run-up, run-out and stable state operation at a constant speed. As confirmed, the applied distribution of the integrated sensors allows for temperature readings on the entire outer surface of the foil, and therefore, provides useful data for the bearing characterization. The work is concluded with presentation of the recommended directions regarding future improvements of the proposed measurement technique and more comprehensive study of the bearing’s characteristics.

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Experimental characterization of the thermomechanical properties of a gas foil bearing : [abstract] / A. MARTOWICZ, J. ROEMER, P. ZDZIEBKO, S. KANTOR, J. BRYŁA // W: Multiphysics 2022 [Dokument elektroniczny] : [17th international conference] : 15–16 December 2022, Oslo, Norway. — Wersja do Windows. — Adobe Reader. — [Oslo : International Society of Multiphysics : Oslo Metropolitan University], [2022]. — (Multiphysics ; ISSN 2409-7527). — S. 38. — Wymagania systemowe: Adobe Reader. — Tryb dostępu: [2022-12-14]
A novel measurement approach to experimentally determine the thermomechanical properties of a gas foil bearing using a specialized sensing foil made of Inconel alloy / Adam MARTOWICZ, Jakub ROEMER, Paweł ZDZIEBKO, Grzegorz Żywica, Paweł Bagiński, Artur Andrearczyk // Materials [Dokument elektroniczny]. — Czasopismo elektroniczne ; ISSN 1996-1944. — 2023 — vol. 16 iss. 1 art. no. 145, s. 1–27. — Wymagania systemowe: Adobe Reader. — Bibliogr. s. 26–27, Abstr. — Publikacja dostępna online od: 2022-12-23